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Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

We have a range of options to suit your lifestyle needs

There is a wide range of styles available and a host of features in each hearing aid style. Each manufacturer of hearing aids have a number of features dependent upon the style selected. Our Audiologists will also be able to help you decide the best solution for your hearing needs.

  • Phonak

    Phonak hearing aids run on a powerful state-of-the-art operating system and are designed to not only provide exceptional speech understanding and comfort in the most challenging listening situations; but they also appeal to individual style and preferences.

  • Bernafon

    Bernafon’s hearing aids pool state-of-the-art technology, comparable, for example, to the latest developments in personal computing. Just as there are desktop PCs, notebooks and electronic agendas, today's standard hearing solutions also come in various styles and designs, including BTE, ITE and RITE systems.

  • Resound

    ReSound provides excellent sound by offering innovative hearing solutions that combine original thinking and design with solid technology – all based on deep audiological insight and understanding of hearing aid users.

  • Unitron

    Unitron is a global company that understands the hearing healthcare business is built on strong, personal relationships. We work closely with hearing healthcare professionals to improve the lives of people with hearing loss. A member of the Sonova Group, Unitron has a proven track record of developing hearing innovations that provide natural sound with exceptional speech understanding. Headquartered in Canada, Unitron distributes its full line of hearing instruments to customers in over 60 countries.

  • Oticon

    Oticon hearing aids feature BrainHearing™ technology, designed to support your brain and help it make sense of sound, with less effort.

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