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Cochlear Implants

Cochlear Implants

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Cochlear Implants

Whether it happens suddenly or gradually over time, losing your hearing can disconnect you from your loved ones and separate you from your co-workers.

The best treatment for your hearing loss depends on the type and severity of the problem. Hearing aids can help many people with mild to moderately severe hearing loss – improving their general hearing and understanding of speech in most situations. However if you have a conductive hearing loss or a severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss, even the most advanced and powerful hearing aids may not be enough. When this is the case, an implantable hearing solution may be the ideal option.

Our clinic partners with Cochlear, Med El and Advanced Bionicsto offer different hearing loss treatments for the different types and degrees of hearing loss.

In addition to our hearing aid practice, our clinic offers assessment, programming and management of Cochlear™ implants and Baha® bone conduction solutions.

Helping Children and Adults

A cochlear implant is a routine medical option designed to help children and adults with at least a sensorineural moderate-to-profound hearing loss, to communicate more easily. It is an option when powerful hearing aids can no longer improve your hearing ability.

Unlike hearing aids, which amplify sound, a cochlear implant bypasses the damaged part of the ear and stimulates the hearing nerve directly.

How a cochlear implant works

What are the benefits of a Cochlear implant?

Many adults with cochlear implants report that they:
> Hear better with a cochlear implant than with a hearing aid. A study has shown that people with cochlear implant achieve an average of 80% sentence understanding, compared with 10% sentence understanding for hearing aids.
> Can focus better when in noisy environments. This allows them to have conversations with people across meeting tables, in restaurants and other crowded places.
> Reconnect with missed sounds that they could not hear before their cochlear implant.
> Feel safer in the world as they can hear alarms, people calling out and approaching vehicles.
> Talk and hear on the phone
> Enjoy music

The Cochlear™ Nucleus® 6 System

The Nucleus 6 System is Cochlear’s most advanced hearing solution to date, designed with a clear purpose – to help you enjoy simply smarter hearing in every situation.
The Nucleus System delivers sound in a way that mirrors natural hearing – and is designed to offer people with moderate to profound hearing loss the best in hearing performance.

Only Nucleus 6 comes with SmartSound® iQ which has the widest range of advanced sound processing technologies designed to automatically adapt to the world of sound around you and deliver a superior hearing experience.

The Nucleus 6 System comprises of:
Sound Processor
The Cochlear™ Nucleus® CP910 and CP920 Sound Processors use the most sophisticated technology available to help you hear your best in every situation.

Remote Assistant and Remote Control
While the system has been designed to adjust to your environment automatically, you can get more involved in managing your own hearing with Cochlear Nucleus CR230 Remote Assistant or the CR210 Remote Control.

Cochlear Implant Portfolio

As technology develops and sound processors become even more powerful, the sophisticated electronics in Cochlear’s implants have the capacity to support these advancements. The innovative electrode design stimulates your hearing zone while protecting the delicate cochlea structures, preserving any remaining natural hearing you may have.

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