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Hearing Aids, Implants and Assistive Listening Devices

Whether it’s sitting around the table talking with family, stepping outside to hear the birds, or just watching television, we can help you connect with your world and live better. For those experiencing a hearing loss, we offer quality hearing aids and assistive listening devices from leading manufacturers. Our experienced audiologists will recommend the best hearing aids for your lifestyle and hearing loss.

Paediatric and adult hearing services

We offer comprehensive hearing tests for the entire family, including babies, children and adults. Our highly experienced audiologists will thoroughly test your hearing, answer all of your questions, and make a recommendation for a hearing solution if a hearing loss is detected.

Quick and easy test...

Now you can determine if your hearing is within normal range, or you have a hearing loss. There are many apps available on the iTunes and Google stores which have been developed by Professional Audiology Experts. These can help determine whether or not you have a hearing impairment and depending on your results, you may wish to visit a Norwest Hearing Audiologist after this test or simply take our quick test to submit the results to our Audiology team.

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Committed to continued care

You have taken the first step toward a better quality of life through improved hearing. Now it is paramount that, together, we ensure your good hearing health for years to come.

Your hearing instruments are highly sophisticated devices. They need general maintenance and periodic adjustment to consistently provide optimal performance. No matter where you have had your device fitted, Norwest Hearing are able to maintain and look after your device.

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