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Living with a hearing loss

Living with a hearing loss

Living with a hearing loss

Norwest Hearing audiologists are experienced in planning and executing effective rehabilitation programs for our hearing impaired clients. Our program of rehabilitation combines both hearing aid fitting and/or BAHA fitting with special counselling sessions.
Hearing aid fittings are individually prescribed. The latest in fully digital hearing instrumentation is selected in consultation you. We are not limited by choice when it comes to hearing instrument brands as we are a privately owned and run clinic.


Counselling sessions aim to help each client understand, acknowledge and accept their hearing loss. Upon achieving this goal, clients will find that they are better able to manage their hearing loss and will use their hearing instrument more confidently and successfully.
Ask about our clinical package for all new hearing aid wearers. Our clinical support is second to none! Pay no more for clinical support from our Audiologists throughout the warranty of your hearing aid.

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