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Hearing tests

Hearing tests

Professional, caring service is provided by all of our audiologists.

Hearing tests

Diagnostic Assessments

Norwest Audiologists will carry out hearing assessments using the following techniques:
> Pure Tone Audiometry (including air and bone conduction, and masking if required)
> Speech Testing (including masking if required)
> Impedance Audiometry (including tympanometry and screening reflex testing

In accordance with our high standards, we guarantee:
> All diagnostic assessments are carried out in our newly-constructed Sound Proof Booth
> All equipment is up-to-date and calibrated regularly to ISO and Australian standards
> A formal report will be written to the referring doctor on conclusion of the testing

Paediatric Assessments

All Audiologists at Norwest Hearing have extensive experience in testing infants and children.
We have the facilities to assess any child’s hearing aged from the age of 7 months. Screening tympanometry can be carried out on infants as young as 4 weeks.

At the conclusion of all hearing assessments a diagnostic report will be prepared for the referring doctor/health professional.

Infant and Toddler Assessments

Our Puppet Show Play Room (Visual Reinforcement Orientation Audiometry) assessment is for children aged from 7 months to three years and is carried out with two Audiologists present. The test is conducted in the sound-field of a sound proof play room with one parent sitting in with the child along with one of our audiologists. This test will find out whether your child has adequate hearing for speech and language development.

Your child’s middle ear function will also be assessed at this appointment to determine if there is any fluid in the middle ear cavity, behind the eardrum.

Young Child Assessments: Play Audiometry

When children reach the age of approximately three and a half to four years, headphone testing can be carried out, enabling the Audiologist to test each ear separately and to threshold levels (i.e., the softest sound the child can hear). This type of testing is fun for children and involves them playing a listening game.

You can prepare your child for play audiometry by practicing wearing headphones at home and by engaging your child in a game where they respond to sounds they hear by putting a peg in a board or a marble in a box (or any similar ‘play’ response).

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